"I have known this group for over 30 years. As far as an accounting group is concerned there is none better. The challenges of being in business are overwhelming enough and a good accountant is necessary to navigate and survive in a competitive environment. When Covid hit that was no longer enough. Once Covid entered the picture it became necessary to have a great accountant. Success was still the goal, but survival had to come first. Before I called them, Howard called me. He told me from day one that we would be ok and that he would be with us every step of the way, all the way to the other side that he assured us would be there. VIRTUS – GROUP helped us move quickly from survival to thriving in what is the most challenging time ever for our business. With a myriad of problems, from cash flow to renegotiating agreements to applying for Federal, State, and local grants, VIRTUS group was with us every step of the way. There was never a time when a phone call was not answered whether it was a weekend, late night, or early morning. I never felt alone nor had to wait for any help. Simply put, they were our guardian angels. During this time period , we saw frequent changes in federal guidance. Our lead accountant, Howard Mimnaugh was on top of these changes within hours of issuance. There were numerous times that our banks were denying us assistance because they operated under guidance that had been updated but not interpreted. These incredibly stressful days were made easier by Howard's ability and dedication. There was one instance that stands out for me. The Federal Government issued new guidelines on the PPP program late in the afternoon on a Friday. I awoke Saturday at 6 a.m. to an email from Howard. He had completely read and interpreted the document. Both of our banks took two weeks to do the same interpretation. Howard assured us that we would be ok and went as far as to get on the phone with our bank and protest their outdated interpretation and secure for us the help we needed. After two long weeks, the banks agreed. Hiring an accountant is not just about taxes. It is about business strategy. From planning to implementation, your accountant needs to understand your goals, your business, and your vision. Anything less is simply unacceptable. VIRTUS GROUP is that firm and Howard Mimnaugh is that leader. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. If your business is important to you and success is your mission, VIRTUS group is the choice." ~Vinnie Brand, The Stress Factory
"I began working with Howard over 20 years ago when I was starting up a new business. I needed all the start up stuff – incorporation and all. A friend referred Howard and he helped me get started, and has helped me on all my businesses since then – so - actually, I have no idea what’s it like to build a business without Howard (laughter). But at the start, I was working out of my house. Now we have a staff, building and a multimillion dollar billing. One of the keys with Howard is his passion and knowledge. He had great connections, putting me in touch with the lawyer for my first incorporation. As the business grew, his banking connections are huge for me. Howard comes across to me as a business advisor. I don’t view him as an accountant. Whenever I have a major corporate question, direction wise, I usually refer to him. When people call about buying my business, which they do pretty regularly, my first call is to Howard. I guess Virtus Group could be described as a very high end accounting firm, very solid business advising and tax laws, very up on the year to year new laws coming through.  I’m thrilled to death with them.  I like how Howard is very straightforward, telling exactly the way it is. Once I had an option on a merger and Howard looked me straight in the eye and told me it was such a bad deal that he wanted it on the record so I couldn’t sue him for bad advice when the deal goes south in two years. That was shocking to me but I listened and am glad I did. He is flat out honest and doesn’t blow smoke. He’s very good at understanding my business. I service rental medical equipment. I didn’t see how he could understand my business – but he’s very good at standing in my shoes, understanding how my system works and how I make money. He picked up our lingo instantly. You know how a Dr. can talk a different language? Howard knows the language of my business. He knows how everything works. He fits into different roles very well. He gives me solid advice on what to do. Right now, we are working on a start up company with another company. I came up with a system on how it’s going to work and I’ve been going back and forth with Howard on that. He put down a whole pro-forma on how we are going to make money – forecasting it all out, running it for a year, on paper, including all the variables we could think of. Sure there will be some changes along the way. But he took all the knowns and gave us the snap shot of a year from now. I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Once a month I get a mailer from an accounting firm seeking my business. I throw it out. If you want a good business: ya gotta have a Howard." ~Andy Bythell, Quality Medical Group, President & Founder
"I met Howard in early 2014 after seeking my attorney’s recommendations for a new accounting and tax advisor for my young business. At that time, I’d already spent years in the corporate world as a CEO and board member and worked with numerous financial professionals, hired a CPA to manage my personal and business tax matters, and, thought I knew what I wanted. Prior to meeting Howard, I’d also hired a well-respected national accounting and tax advisory firm, but found they didn’t “connect with me” as a new business owner and operator. Through countless meetings, it seemed the big firm’s advice was often opaque, required more meetings for follow-up, my review of lengthy, complicated documents, and we “inched” towards the proverbial goal-line, but never quite crossed into the end-zone. Looking back over the past 9 years, I know I got lucky when I met Howard and started working with the Virtus Group! With Howard there was an immediate connection and he focused on my concerns, my challenges, and my business and personal goals. It was evident he not only understood tax, accounting and general business matters, more importantly, he lives it! He clearly wants me and his other clients to do well, understands the importance of being a strategic business advisor beyond serving as their “CPA”, and embodies the firm’s client-centered focus helping business owners grow and succeed! Howard and his team have done a great job helping me with my various business and personal tax and accounting matters. They've also helped me learn and grow, as my thinking of owning and managing a business has evolved; I'm better off because of their help. Howard and his colleagues continue to be invested in my personal and business success and he is amazingly quick to respond to questions, provide advice and guidance, and, wants to know what and why I’m trying to achieve an objective so he can provide the best advice for that particular situation. More importantly from a client perspective, Howard has hired, developed, and leads a dedicated team at the Virtus Group. I’ve been the beneficiary of the firm’s commitment to client-centered attention that is a part of their overall DNA. Pretty early on, Howard introduced me to David Chesley, who Howard described as a young associate CPA who joined the firm a few years earlier. Howard said David was smart, hard-working, knowledgeable, mature beyond his years, and dedicated to helping clients in the same vein as Howard’s focus. So, David, Howard and I began working closely together and over the past few years the Virtus Group has helped me form new businesses, and provided significant advice and support for business and personal financial matters. My primary contact at the firm has evolved over time and while I know Howard is always available, I’ve come to trust and rely on David. He provides excellent tax, accounting and strategic business advice and has been instrumental in my success! While I know I can always reach out to Howard and occasionally will do so (with amazingly fast and excellent response), I rarely need to do so because Dave has done a terrific job, works well with Howard and other colleagues when he has any doubts, and brings to bear the full capabilities of the firm for my benefit. Within the past year Dave became a partner at the Virtus Group, which I believe recognized his competency, commitment to clients, and capabilities as a CPA and trusted business advisor. I still enjoy engaging with Howard from time-to-time, and I know he sets the tone at the top, but can honestly say without any hesitation or reservations, that I wholeheartedly recommend the entire Virtus Group if you need effective accounting, tax and general business advice. " ~Thomas M. Rainwater
"I have been working with the Virtus team ( Howard, Wes, Tim, Deb, and others ) since 2009 and I am extremely pleased with the team. I find the team to be very professional, highly knowledgeable, thorough, flexible, accessible, and practical. Over time Howard has become more than professional help and advises on a variety of things; for example – Howard introduced me to running and made me realize health is wealth. I am blessed to have Howard and Teams support." ~Venugopala Chalamala, Atlas Systems
"Howard’s been a personal friend since childhood and a professional associate since 1993.  What I like about Virtus Group is how it operates, and how they treat everyone like good family. They take a personal interest in your interests. They devote time. Whatever my issues, concerns, and investments are, Howard makes it his as well. He and his company have made it their business to look out for my best interest. They don’t stop working at 5 pm. They stay on until the problem gets solved. When an idea pops up – be it at 4 am or 10 pm - they get on it, always, continuously thinking about the client, long after the end of the day. The staff is not oriented to billable hours but to meeting the needs. My business is construction. I don’t have the same education as Howard but I get all the benefits of it through his company, along with great people you want as friends. Virtus Group has your back, whether you are a 150K personal income client or a multimillion-dollar company, everyone gets personal, excellent service. That’s hard to find, any day." ~Billy Warren, CAS Contracting Inc. 
"I first came to the Virtus Group in 2007, shortly after opening the Lawrenceville GEICO office. My wife and I had previously lived in Buffalo, NY, where we both worked at GEICO corporate. After the move back home to NJ, we initially relied on the family accountant, but when I began to look around for something better, I found the Virtus Group.  The payroll company referring me there said they were very knowledgeable, experts in the field, and never heard any complaints.  I called, and they were quick to respond. I truly feel as if I’m their only customer.  I can shoot anyone in the Virtus Group an email or phone call and they respond in a matter of minutes, every time.  My immediate priority is for accounting and tax compliance.  As we grow, I expect we’ll need more guidance and financial planning.  Tim’s my primary guy and a couple times a year we meet to go over where we’re at, where we’re headed, and where we want to be.  He’s given me good pointers every step of the way.  I simply share everything with them – reports, journals, strategy, etc - and they now know my business inside and out. I’m big on referrals, and I found Virtus Group lived up to their billing.  They never come to a meeting with a blank pad merely to write down what I ask.  They give you an answer, right there on the spot. Tim answers without putting me on hold, and on the rare occasion that he wants to check something out, he’s right back to me in a matter of minutes. I once called Tim at 9pm on Labor Day with a question.  I told him not to call me back that night (because without such a request, he would have!).  I was just getting a question off my mind.  At 9:01 on Tuesday morning, he called and we got right to it.  You don’t get better than that!  He will work with me wherever and whenever – at home, office or anywhere in between.  They are not cookie cutter nine-to-fivers. The Virtus Group is like having access to a dream team of tax professionals. They seem to know the right people, and they bring so much to the table.  I was told they were expensive but at the end of the day, I have not found they were anywhere near what I thought they could be and are well worth every penny.  If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill accountant to file your year-end taxes, sure the Virtus Group can take care of your needs; but if you’re looking for a company to take your financial management to the next level, give them a call." ~Chris Cline, GEICO Local Office
"We have been utilizing Virtus Group accounting services for our businesses as well as personal needs since mid-1990s. Fast forward 25 years, what I appreciate most from the Virtus Group is their team approach. Virtus has remained consistent in their core principles and it's evident in their staff (the majority of who are long term). The team is not only knowledgeable and well versed in dealing with complex issues that as a layperson, I still can not grasp, but most importantly, the team provides understanding to the worries & challenges which has made me, the client, feel comfortable in knowing we are in good hands. The end result is that the Virtus Group takes the time to listen, understand, scout out the research, and then works together to resolve the issues so the client can continue to success. I hold the company in high regard, for their character: professionally and well as personally. As a business owner, we are told that the client comes first, very true, but how does the client know you are dealing with a good company? My motto as a seasoned business owner is how the company treats their employees. As with Virtus, it is a solid company with staying power, with long term employees that continue to provide consistent & support clients not only when you coast thru the highs but most importantly traveling the low roads.  " ~Regards, Dawn G.
"Howard, Tim and the entire team at Virtus Group are consummate professionals. In addition to fulfilling our accounting and tax planning needs, Howard has been a part of every one of our major financial and business decisions. Providing, thoughtful, analytical, and professional services, Virtus has been an integral partner in our long term success and growth." ~Stan Gulati, Luxe Home