Howard’s been a personal friend since childhood and a professional associate since 1993.  What I like about Virtus Group is how it operates, and how they treat everyone like good family. They take a personal interest in your interests. They devote time. Whatever my issues, concerns, and investments are, Howard makes it his as well.
He and his company have made it their business to look out for my best interest. They don’t stop working at 5 pm. They stay on until the problem gets solved. When an idea pops up – be it at 4 am or 10 pm – they get on it, always, continuously thinking about the client, long after the end of the day. The staff is not oriented to billable hours but to meeting the needs.
My business is construction. I don’t have the same education as Howard but I get all the benefits of it through his company, along with great people you want as friends. Virtus Group has your back, whether you are a 150K personal income client or a multimillion-dollar company, everyone gets personal, excellent service. That’s hard to find, any day.