I first came to the Virtus Group in 2007, shortly after opening the Lawrenceville GEICO office. My wife and I had previously lived in Buffalo, NY, where we both worked at GEICO corporate. After the move back home to NJ, we initially relied on the family accountant, but when I began to look around for something better, I found the Virtus Group.  The payroll company referring me there said they were very knowledgeable, experts in the field, and never heard any complaints.  I called, and they were quick to respond.
I truly feel as if I’m their only customer.  I can shoot anyone in the Virtus Group an email or phone call and they respond in a matter of minutes, every time.  My immediate priority is for accounting and tax compliance.  As we grow, I expect we’ll need more guidance and financial planning.  Tim’s my primary guy and a couple times a year we meet to go over where we’re at, where we’re headed, and where we want to be.  He’s given me good pointers every step of the way.  I simply share everything with them – reports, journals, strategy, etc – and they now know my business inside and out.
I’m big on referrals, and I found Virtus Group lived up to their billing.  They never come to a meeting with a blank pad merely to write down what I ask.  They give you an answer, right there on the spot. Tim answers without putting me on hold, and on the rare occasion that he wants to check something out, he’s right back to me in a matter of minutes.
I once called Tim at 9pm on Labor Day with a question.  I told him not to call me back that night (because without such a request, he would have!).  I was just getting a question off my mind.  At 9:01 on Tuesday morning, he called and we got right to it.  You don’t get better than that!  He will work with me wherever and whenever – at home, office or anywhere in between.  They are not cookie cutter nine-to-fivers.
The Virtus Group is like having access to a dream team of tax professionals. They seem to know the right people, and they bring so much to the table.  I was told they were expensive but at the end of the day, I have not found they were anywhere near what I thought they could be and are well worth every penny.  If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill accountant to file your year-end taxes, sure the Virtus Group can take care of your needs; but if you’re looking for a company to take your financial management to the next level, give them a call.