We have been utilizing Virtus Group accounting services for our businesses as well as personal needs since mid-1990s. Fast forward 25 years, what I appreciate most from the Virtus Group is their team approach. Virtus has remained consistent in their core principles and it’s evident in their staff (the majority of who are long term). The team is not only knowledgeable and well versed in dealing with complex issues that as a layperson, I still can not grasp, but most importantly, the team provides understanding to the worries & challenges which has made me, the client, feel comfortable in knowing we are in good hands. The end result is that the Virtus Group takes the time to listen, understand, scout out the research, and then works together to resolve the issues so the client can continue to success.

I hold the company in high regard, for their character: professionally and well as personally. As a business owner, we are told that the client comes first, very true, but how does the client know you are dealing with a good company? My motto as a seasoned business owner is how the company treats their employees. As with Virtus, it is a solid company with staying power, with long term employees that continue to provide consistent & support clients not only when you coast thru the highs but most importantly traveling the low roads.